• People of all ages are welcome.
  • However, on the open safari vehicles very young children are unfortunately not allowed.
  • Some venues may allow young children depending on circumstances.



Our winter (April to End August)

  • Dry except for Cape Town and Surrounds that can have rainfall, fog etc
  • Days can be mildish to warm or cold.
  • Evenings and mornings can be very cold especially on the open safari vehicle.

Our summer (September to March)

  • Rainy except for Cape Town and surrounds.
  • Days can become very hot.
  • Evenings and mornings can be warm but cool on the open safari vehicle.

The above are guidelines and the way the weather has been behaving worldwide come prepared for all eventualities.



It is available at most venues either for free or for a fee. Due to the remote locations, the ability to connect can be unreliable.



  • 6 pages or more should be provided in your passport when travelling with Yingwe Africa Safaris.
  • Zambia requires a visa but not South Africa or Botswana.
  • Rules regarding Visa requirements change from time to time and therefore it is best to check with the necessary authorities before travelling.
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