Yingwe Africa Safaris – Eight Spectacular Experiences

Yingwe offers visitors a choice of two spectacular bush experiences with game spotting and tours to create lasting impressions for a lifetime. Laurie, has spent many years researching  and understanding nature.

Game drives are not only breath taking , and filled with all the exhilaration of the pulsating African bush, but are also inspiring as participants embark on a journey into the flaming sunsets to experience the magic behind the African bush..

If you want to know why a Zebra has stripes or why an Impala is called the “Macdonalds” of the bush, Yingwe Africa Safari’s is the safari for you. Book Now!

Tour Packages

We pride ourselves  on being a premier safari brand and will not only take care of your on site booking but will also ensure that you arrive safely at the destination by taking care of your travel arrangements.

There is the opportunity to spend up to eight hours driving to the Lodge but we strongly recommend flying there which takes less than a quarter of the time. We will make all the necessary arrangements for you.

My visit to the Game Reserve was the fulfillment of a childhood dream to see some of the world’s most extraordinary animals up close and natural.  The sheer variety of fauna was incredible, and beauty of the flora breath-taking.  The knowledgeable, friendly, and devoted rangers and trackers put their heart and soul into ensuring all visitors have a thrilling and enjoyable experience.  I am deeply grateful to Laurie Kushner for arranging my safari adventure.

Laurie was instrumental in helping my father and I organize our recent trip to South Africa.  He attended to our needs and selected the perfect safari experience, given our interests, our budget, and our lodging preferences.  He organized transportation during our stay in Johannesburg and arranged all the details of our Safari adventure- from pick up at Hoedspruit, to transfers, accommodations, and return.  Laurie made the safari portion of our African tour effortless, and we had a fabulous time out in the bush.  I’d recommend his services highly.

We had the most amazing, once in a lifetime trip ( hopefully not) mostly thanks to Laurie.  Laurie is professional, prompt in his replies and gave us terrific customer service..  The guiding was wonderful, insightful and most importantly fun and exciting..
I highly recommend anyone looking for meaningful and enchanting experience in South Africa that  they work with Laurie to create the right trip for them..