This is the largest National Park in South Africa spanning more than two million hectares (almost five million acres). It is World famous and can offer great sightings although there is no guarantee for various reasons. Since it is a National park, there is no off-road driving. Some activities may be run by Laurie and others by the Kruger Rangers. This is where our economical safari takes place.


It not only borders the Kruger but the fences between them were removed 20 years ago, making it a wildlife Garden of Eden. There is off-road driving for sightings of the Big 7 and the ever aware Shangaan Tracker on the front of the vehicle makes the safari experience come alive. Laurie has some tricks up his sleave on these safaris. This is where our ultimate luxury and semi-luxury safaris take place.

Cape Town to Cape Point and surrounds

The Mother City-someone in the 1930’s referred to Cape Town as a metropolis. The public derived the nickname Mother City from the Greek words Metros meaning ‘mother’ and polis meaning ‘city’. Known as one of the most beautiful cities in the World. Table Mountain has a lot to do with the beauty. It needs to be visited.

Victoria Falls and Zambia

The town of Livingstone is full of character in so many ways and is worth the visit. What a spectacle it is to witness thousands of litres of water cascading down before your eyes.

Chobe and Botswana

we cross over the border for a day of adventure on safari and boat.

Johannesburg and surrounds

The City of Gold. We explore Soweto and discuss its History.

Pilanesberg National Park

A lovely Reserve that is malaria free and close enough to Joburg to visit for the day

Garden Route

Spend three to four days along this route admiring the scenery and beauty.


A land of contrasts. From the Skeleton coast to the Desert Elephants and so much inbetween.